VPI Turntables Appoints New Distributor

Posted on 11th February, 2014

VPI Turntables Appoints New Distributor

VPI have been manufacturing turntables, tonearms, record cleaning machines and accessories for over 35 years in New Jersey, USA. VPI Industries have today announced the appointment of Krispy Audio as their new exclusive Australian distributor.

VPI AriesVPI claim an impressive amount of awards including Editor's Choice, Golden Ear Award and Product of the Year (The Absolute Sound and TONEAudio), just to name a few.

Cameron Pope of Krispy Audio explained the allure of this classic brand to StereoNET; “VPI have decades of experience and never rest on their laurels. Their extensive lineup is always fresh and VPI listen to customer feedback. An example of this is the new Aries model revision that now features an aluminium platter rather than acrylic, until now a popular upgrade. Their entry level Traveler (and soon the Nomad) is exceptionally well made and a solid performer. At the other end of the spectrum they're innovating by introducing their first direct drive model (the Classic Direct) with the world's first 3D-printed tonearm.”

“There is also a plethora of accessories and upgrades available so you can customise your turntable's performance. One example is their periphery ring and HR-X centre clamp which not only flattens records and couples them to the platter, but adds weight to the platter - further aiding in speed stability due to the flywheel effect.”

VPI Turntables are expected in Australia in late February and Pope tells us there have been a number of price reductions for the Australian market. For example the Scout 1.1 retailed for $3,700 previously and is now almost 15% cheaper at just $3,195 RRP.

For more information visit StereoNET Sponsor, Krispy Audio.

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