Posted on 8th February, 2017


VPI’s Avenger Reference turntable ($31,995 RRP) is an object of desire that sets audiophile pulses racing around the globe. Smitten by the sound and post-modern styling this high-end monolith has in spades, most who see and hear this object of desire lust to get one home. That is, until they hear the asking price. Which though commensurate with this heavyweight’s performance and Rolex build quality, is still hefty enough to deter all but a few well-heeled buyers.

Which is why VPI designed the less costly model called Avenger ($14,995 RRP). But after a rethink, wiser heads thought it a great idea to bridge the gap between the Avenger and it’s more talented sibling, Avenger Reference.

And so it came to pass that the new model called Avenger Plus was on working display at the recent Las Vegas CES Show.

But you won’t have to book flights to the US or anywhere else to get your hands on the new Avenger Plus. It's available in Australia, from order to your loungeroom in about four weeks for $22,495.

Worth the wait? You betcha’.

The Avenger Plus comes with the JMW 12-3DR tonearm wired with Nordost Reference wire.

It features a three-layered chassis made up of bonded acrylic/aluminium/acrylic strata with damping material between each stratum.

A trio of isolation steel corner posts, along with three bolts and a humongous bearing assembly lock in the layers. Each post can carry a tonearm. What's even more intelligent are the adjustable machined knobs that are used to raise or lower the tonearms.

The armboards, made from 6061 grade aluminium to aid rigidity and enhance grounding, are also adjustable.

VPI has also given its new turntable the famous Harry Weisfeld Signature Rim Drive motor assembly.

Other high-end features include a periphery ring clamp to reduce record warp, a 300 RPM, 24-pole, AC synchronous motor. Plus an inverted main bearing with a hardened stainless steel shaft and 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball that spins in a phosphor bronze bushing, that sits on a PEEK thrust disc.

VPI says the belt side load is placed at the centre of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-totter effects.

As for the platter, VPI has chosen to go with a 10kg 6061 aluminium affair that is said to have an accuracy of  +/- .001’’ in a 39-inch circumference.

The motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005’’ when leaving the factory.

Available upgrade options include the Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive, Reference feet, additional JMW tonearms and additional third part armboards.

If simply the best is the only option for your prized record collection, then check out VPI's range of turntables.

For more information visit the VPI brand page.

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