Posted on 5th February, 2018


There’s more snake-oil spruiking associated with cables than there is with all the other genres of audio gear combined.

Tellurium Q, a British outfit takes a more scientific approach that is commendable. So is their urging of buyers to disregard any hype and simply audition its cables.

“Let the cables do the talking,” seems to be this brand’s approach and it’s one we support with all competing cable brands.

The summed total of Tellurium Q’s research has culminated in the brand’s Statement range of interconnects and speaker cables that are now available to discerning audiophiles.

Encouragingly, this research dispels some cable myths concerning material purity.

It’s a principle this brand believes is important, but not as important as some think it is in the overall scheme of designing a great sounding cable.

Yes, a fast conductor like silver is er, fast. But not musically better or more detailed or transparent. The number of audiophiles chasing the silver cable myth that has come to grief thanks to an overly bright sound, is legionary.

So what about copper purity? Is 99.999999 percent purity a guarantee of a great sounding cable? You’d think it was judging by the number of manufacturers hanging on this specification.

Not so, says Tellurium Q.

To get the most natural sound, a cable has to be much more than a good conductor. In fact, most conductors act as filters shifting various frequencies relative to one another with each type of material used, according to TQ.

Research has shown this brand that different materials affect different ranges of frequencies and in differing amounts.

Even the solder used with connectors has a bearing on the sound of a cable.  After years of testing, Tellurium Q says it has come up with a decent sounding solder and one with neither lead or silver. Cop that all you rivals.

And talk about obsession. Tellurium Q even controls the temperature/time soldering process to arrive at sonic perfection. A process that varies with different cable models.

Even cable connectors have been analysed and studied. Those used by this brand have multiple layers of plating not visible at a cursory glance. Tellurium Q demands and controls the detail and precision of the plating and even the desired thickness.

This attention to detail has resulted in the brand’s Tellurium Q Statement cables. The range includes RCA and XLR interconnects, speaker and power cables.

They are available now, with prices starting at - Speaker cable £1450 (AU $2580) per metre, RCA interconnect £3600 (AU $6400) 1m pair. XLR interconnect £3950 (AU $7030) 1m Pair

For more information visit Tellurium Q.

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