Sonus faber Signature Speaker Venere S

Posted on 18th September, 2015

Sonus faber Signature Speaker Venere S

Born in 2015, three years after the release of the Venere collection, this latest Sonus faber project completes the line for which it's named, becoming the most advanced of all the Venere speakers, the Venere S. 

Engineered for the best reproduction of lower frequencies and high-end standards, the Venere S is entirely designed and assembled by hand in Italy and bridges between the Venere and Olympica product families.

The Venere S is a floor-standing three-way speaker, unlike its Venere siblings, the S features a new design for the reflex port. Instead of being positioned on the front baffle to reduce interactions with the listening environment, Sonus faber’s designers have fitted it in the lower part of the cabinet, directly facing the floor. This enables the purity of the sound without being contaminated by the spurious vibrations generated by its powerful drivers.

Building on the experience gained from the Olympica collection, the baskets of the Venere S drivers are custom made for Sonus faber in die-cast metal with Ultra Free Compression that is designed to minimize the acoustic interference generated by the moving parts of the transducers. 

High frequencies are reproduced by a tweeter with a soft dome membrane made of silk, with the three woofer's cones of the Venere S made of aluminum. In addition, the woofers feature “Trilobyte Ultrafast” filtering coils and the PCB tracks are made with nano-technologies that maximize the signal transmission speed.

With its aluminum construction, the Venere S has been created to provide for maximum lightness and stiffness of the transducers to achieve a fast response to transients at low frequencies. The Venere S a midrange that boasts a CurvTM membrane, a special thermoformed polypropylene fiber that provides the ideal solution for an absolutely natural reproduction of the main part of the audio spectrum.

With the finest components combined with intensive technology and research, the performance of the Venere S results in the precision and micro-dynamics that allows you to achieve an extremely focused sound stage. 

The crossover network contains a semi-balanced configuration with a non-resonant progressive slope design, and amplitude/phase response optimisation ensures the best time domain performance. 

Sonus faber have kept a design that boasts a seamless integration into multi-channel systems, through its faithfulness to the current six models of the Venere collection. 

With the overall shape and function blended together to give life to elegant, yet functional forms to achieve perfect acoustics all while providing proper support to the drivers.

Sleek and modern, the styling of Venere S stands out with a bolder approach compared to the collection, completed with brushed aluminum around each driver giving a dash of character to the speaker’s front façade.

The Venere S series is available in black, white, and wood. They will be available mid-late November and local pricing has not been confirmed as yet.

Sonus faber is distributed in Australia by Synergy Audio Visual.

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