Posted on 8th October, 2018


For the past two years, the pedigree Italian speaker brand Sonus faber has been celebrating its 35th birthday with a slew of new models and all culminating in the reimagined Electa Amator III.

Sonus faber certainly knows how to mark a company milestone. The celebrations kicked off in 2017 with the launch of the Homage tradition range followed by the released of the flagship Aida speaker, and in 2018 continuing with the Sonetto collection and Gravis subwoofer.

Now it’s the turn of the remade Electa Amator to take centre stage.

The new Electa Amator III represents the third generation of this much-admired model, and Sonus faber has every right to trumpet its release.

The Amator, says Sonus faber, embodies all that the company’s speakers are famous for - precious materials, exacting craftsmanship and natural sound.

So the new Electa has cabinets handmade from solid walnut wood and stands whose bases are fashioned from Carrara marble, the same region the divine Michelangelo sourced his marble.

In what’s now a Sonus faber trademark, the stands’ bases carry a brass nameplate while the front and back of the Electa feature hand-applied leather envelopes.

Sonus faber Electa Amator III

The Electa Amator III uses a 28 mm tweeter with a damped apex cone. The mid/bass driver is 6.5-inches developed explicitly for the new Amator.

The crossover uses Paracross topology design and has Clarify Cap ESA capacitors said to deliver sweeter sounds.

Frequency response is 40Hz to 35kHz, sensitivity is 88 dB and d the nominal impedance is 4 ohm.

The Sonus faber Electra Amator III is expected to arrive in Australia in late 2018 and will sell for $16,995 RRP including the matching stands.

For more information visit Sonus faber.


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