Sonus Faber Pays Homage

Posted on 6th February, 2017

Sonus Faber Pays Homage

Sonus Faber, unarguably the most beautiful speaker range in the world has gone back to its roots revamping its Homage range. Anyone who knows Sonus Faber also understands that the Homage collection is the brand’s most iconic range.

The Homage range, now refreshed and renamed 'Homage Tradition' is unmistakably Sonus, thanks to a styling that is classical with a hint of retro.

The Homage Tradition comprises revamped Amati and Guarneri models and a brand new addition to this select range, called the Serafino.

The latter is a floor-standing model named after Santo Serafino (1699-1758), a Venetian master violin maker trained at the workshop of the illustrious Nicolo Amati.

Amati Tradition

Sonud faber Amati Tradition

The Amati is unmistakably a 3.5-way model presented in what Sonus calls a full Para-aperiodic enclosure, a zero-vibration transmission technology that when decoupled from the floor has bountiful bass frequencies.

The Amati’s tweeter is a 28mm Sonus Faber silk dome model mounted in a natural wood acoustic labyrinth chamber. The 150mm mid-range driver, also designed by Sonus Faber has a neodymium magnet and is considered to be ultra dynamic and superbly linear.

The Amati also carries two in-house designed 220mm woofers made with a very light ‘’sandwich’’ cone structure. Materials used are a hi-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp. Light they may be, but they are also rigid and dynamically responsive.

The Amati Tradition’s anti-resonant enclosure technology also extends to its non-resonant crossover.  Sonus says this results in a crossover that is transparent and amplifier friendly.

High quality parts are employed including current generation Mundorf “Evo” oil and silver/gold/oil capacitors and Jantzen inductors. Crossover points are 80Hz-250Hz-2.500Hz. The Amati Traditions frequency response is 28Hz to 35,000 Hz while sensitivity is 90 dB SPL for 2.83V measured at one metre. Nominal impedance is 4-ohm and suggested amplifier power is 100-500 watts without clipping. The new Amati is 117.6cm tall, 41.1cm wide and 51.2cm deep.

Guarneri Tradition

The Guarneri Tradition is a two-way stand mount that is the smallest model in the Tradition range, but if experience is any guide may also prove to be the most transparent.

Sonus hasn’t skimped on enclosure technology and the Guarneri Tradition utilises a zero vibration transmission technology, the same as used in the two Tradition floorstanders.

Driver compliment are in-house designed 28mm silk dome tweeter installer in a natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber crossing over to a 150mm neodymium magnet system woofer. The crossover is built using the floorstander’s high quality parts. Frequency response is 40Hz to 35,000Hz while sensitivity measures 87 dB SPL for 2.83V at one metre. Crossover point is 2.500Hz. Nominal impedance is 4-ohms and suggested matching amplifiers should deliver between 30 to 250 watts before clipping. The Guarneri Tradition is 37.7 cm high, 23.9cm wide and 237.5cm deep. The Guarneri’s dedicated stand is fabricated entirely from carbon fibre.

Serafino Tradition

The Serafino, the new addition to the Homage range is fitted with the same enclosure technology as the other Homage models. Drivers used are also in-house designs and comprise a 28 mm silk dome tweeter fitted to the chamber technology used throughout the Homage Tradition range. The mid-range is a 150 mm unit while the two woofers are 180 mm each.

Crossover points for the Serafino are exactly as those detailed for the Amati so Sonus must have thought it were on to a good thing. Frequency response is 30Hz to 35.000 Hz and sensitivity measures 90 dB SPL 2.83V at one metre. Nominal impedance is 4 ohms and suggested amplifier power is 80 to 350 watts before clipping.

The Serafino is 109.1cm high, 39.6 cm wide and 48.5 cm deep.

Sonus Faber makes a good deal about the technology used in the new Homage tradition range and proudly says the Homage models exploit tech-features used in the Lilium, Il Cremonese and Olympia Collection speakers.

This includes the so-called Stealth Ultraflx system that evolved from the earlier Stealth reflex technology. It’s visible at the back panel of the latest speakers in the form of extruded aluminium material. As the speakers drive a room the technology controls the flow of air through the duct aiding speed and reducing turbulence and distortion.

The cabinet of each new model follows a lute shape while the curved sides follow those of the more expensive Lilium model. The Guarneri and Serafino use Silent Spikes derived from the Il Cremonese model to reduce stored vibrations.

But of particular interest is the carbon fibre stand for the Guarneri. This is the result of a partnership between Sonus Faber and the legendary Pagani Automobili Company and is sure to be the first but hardly the last Sonus carbon fibre stand. Watch this space.

Local pricing has been confirmed at Amati Tradition ($39,999 RRP), Serafino Tradition ($29,999 RRP), and Guarneri Tradition ($21,999 RRP).

Sonus Faber is available from Specialist Retailers.

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