Posted on 19th May, 2017


“The perception of HiFi is changing!” - they were the words delivered by DALI at an exclusive distributor event held tonight at the Das Bamberger Haus, Munich, Germany.

DALI have looked long and hard at how Hi-Fi is changing in the modern era, and specifically, how music is consumed today.

Navigating complex electronics, hassling with cables as well as manually handling music tracks, is alien to many starting out in Hi-Fi today.

Celebrating over 30 years as a loudspeaker manufacturer, DALI believe it's time for change. While their answer to this is not necessarily unique nor is it ground-breaking, it is a bold move for a traditional speaker company.

The DALI Callisto range, expected to officially launch later this year, comprises the Callisto 6 (Floor standing) and the Callisto 2 (Stand mount). The Callisto range has been designed to “bridge the gap - delivering the virtues of traditional Hi-Fi while offering simple installation, flexibility and more importantly convenience.”

DALI Callisto Sound Hub

Connecting wirelessly to DALI's new Sound Hub via a 24bit/96khz connection, the Callisto speakers are designed around a 6.5” wood fibre woofer with an advanced SMC magnet motor system and a hybrid tweeter module consisting of a 29mm ultra-light weight soft dome tweeter and a high-performance ribbon tweeter.

With dual channel 300W Class-D amplifiers connected directly to the drivers, the Callisto 6 easily filled a very large room of at least 50 people attending the event with music that was detailed, transparent and in perfect control.

Controlled via a Bluetooth remote, the Sound Hub features a multitude of standard inputs including Bluetooth aptX, 2 x optical, 2 x analogue, USB and coaxial. “All the user has to do is press Play.”

DALI also proudly boasted that while only a prototype product on display for the evening, Callisto is designed, developed and assembled by DALI in-house.

This has allowed us to design and develop woofers and tweeters alongside the amplifier to create a perfect match. Controlling the entire signal path, means that we have been able to design drivers in a way that is just not possible in traditional passive speakers.

Being able to match all the strengths of the amplifier to all the strengths of the drivers has given us the ability to design a system where the final result is truly bigger than the sum of all its parts.

If you’re wondering what platform Callisto uses… DALI have worked with one of the emerging leaders in streaming electronics, Bluesound, to integrate their BluOS platform into Callisto. Not only will Callisto be compatible with other Bluesound or NAD products that also use the BluOS architecture for multi-zone use, this also suggests that Roon and MQA capability may also become available at a later date.

Another feature of the Sound Hub is modular construction with two slots on the rear of the unit. This will allow DALI to add additional features as technology changes without the need for the consumer to have to purchase a complete new unit.

DALI's modern take on traditional hi-fi is answering the calls of the next generation of customer.

Pricing was indicated but not confirmed, but what we can say is that not only will the product appeal, the price will too. Watch this space.

For more information visit the DALI brand page.

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