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Dan D’Agostino live streamed to Facebook directly from the High End Show in Munich this morning to introduce its new Relentless monoblock amplifier.

The pinnacle of ultra-high-end audio, it's a fully balanced mono amplifier. With the positive and negative matched precisely D’Agostino explained that this cancels out any distortion.

It's rated at 1500 watts at 8Ω and a mighty 6000 watts at 2Ω. The first 100w is Class A.

The core of the power supply is a transformer that uses multiple sections running in concert, all potted and encased in a metal shield.

This design is said to reduce transformer noise to near zero and protects the audio circuitry from the transformer’s magnetic field. The transformer feeds a custom-designed rectifier circuit and a 600,000-microfarad/100-volt capacitor bank.

There's also a special holder that mechanically grounds each capacitor, so there are no vibrations. A slow-start circuit activates the power supply in stages, eliminating concerns about capacitive inrush tripping household circuit breakers.

D’Agostino joked that switching a pair of these things on in a typical home won’t cause the lights to dim.

Dan D’Agostino’s exclusive Super Rail concept makes maximum use of the incredible resources of this power supply. Super Rail employs higher voltage rails in the sections before the output stage, effectively “turbocharging” the amplifier and exploiting the full capability of the output voltage rails—which is said to improve dynamics, lower distortion, and tighten the amplifier’s electrical grip on the speaker.

The Relentless Monoblock’s unique heat sink combines copper and aluminium in what D’Agostino called a “thermal engine”. Essentially this wicks heat away from the connected devices. The entire chassis of the Relentless Monoblock has been precision milled from solid aluminium that allows the entire chassis to fit together solidly with no visible fasteners.

The Relentless Monoblock’s new power meter measures more than 8-inches in diameter. The meter’s range and response automatically adjust to the level of the incoming signal.

In keeping with the tradition that started with the Dan D’Agostino Audio Systems Momentum amplifiers, the Relentless Monoblock offers a single XLR balanced input. Speaker connections are made using massive binding posts made from gold-plated brass. To make sure that you get the tightest possible fit between your speaker cable and the post, you also get a carbon fibre hand wrench with each amp.

The amplifier stands on a set of 307 carbon stainless steel feet that are rounded so as not to damage your floor. At 500lb (just under 227kg) each, spikes would just see this thing burrow into any surface.

“The best design and sound enhancer I've ever created,” says D'Agostino.

The D’Agostino Relentless is priced at US $250,000 a pair. A Relentless pre-amplifier is also currently in the works.

D'Agostino Relentless is on show for the duration of the Munich High End Show.

Originally published on StereoNET UK as Dan D'Agostino Relentless Mono Amplifier Unveiled at Munich


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