Posted on 20th March, 2019


Building on the already impressive D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier, a further round of upgrades now earns it 'HD' status.

Momentum HD Preamplifier Upgrades

Firstly, power. The D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamplifier's main power transformer, housed in a separate chassis for maximum isolation, is 33% larger than the original Momentum. Furthermore, the unique winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M400 Amplifier, delivers greater power output from the same footprint. The result of this power upgrade is that the output stages are now operating at a 36% higher voltage rail.

D'Agostino Momentum HD

Additionally, there is an entirely new discrete differential FET input stage. Here you will find two current sources per leg and an input impedance greater than 1MOhm. The input stage is therefore isolated by the ultra-high input impedance and so the entire audio signal path from external variables.

Bluetooth tech is now featured in the included remote control. Bluetooth has been used to extend the remote's range five times compared to the original. Moreover, it eliminates any line of sight limitations inherent in IR remote controls. Also, there's a newly designed tone and volume control circuitry.

D'Agostino Momentum HD

Finally, there has been a refresh to the industrial design of the Momentum for the HD. The signature copper elements have been reshaped to more resemble the Momentum M400 and S250 amplifiers' aesthetics.

The Momentum HD Preamplifier will be available in silver or black and will sell in Australia for $69,995. May we suggest TechDAS' new Air Force Zero turntable to accompany it if money is no object.

The good news for existing Momentum Preamplifier owners is that you can upgrade to Momentum HD Preamplifier electronics. Naturally, the original metal work will be untouched. Pricing for original Momentum Preamplifier owners to upgrade is around $7,500 USD.

For more information visit D'Agostino.

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