Posted on 24th May, 2017


Following last week’s StereoNET exclusive on DALI’s new CALLISTO loudspeaker which marries high-end sound with the convenience of BluOS, the wireless platform and app behind Bluesound and some NAD products, parent company Lenbrook have also announced a software update for BluOS.

Speaking with David Cain, Lenbrook’s Director of Sales at Munich’s High End Show, he explained some of the features that would be contained within the BluOS 2.12 update.

Released today, users simply upgrade their players when prompted in the app which will see the latest version of the BluOS Controller installed easily for smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

This new version of BluOS includes numerous improvements to the operating system and app interface including a fresh new way to browse, sort and filter your music, quick and easy access to exclusive TIDAL music inside the app, and the ability to import iTunes playlists from a shared music library stored on a laptop or PC.

Lenbrook’s in-house app developers have been focusing on the user interface, ease of use and improving the user experience above all else.

With a mass of streaming platforms and apps now on the market, BluOS has already risen to the top as one of the leading interfaces.

Users can now effortlessly navigate music libraries and streaming services with a refreshing new menu design that lets you browse by your favourite categories including artists, albums, songs and more.

Organising music is also said to be easier with the ability to sort alphabetically or by release date, or users can apply a filter that lets them only see the music they want to hear.

While BluOS was one of the first to natively support Tidal, integration has been tightened and become even more seamless. Subscribers can discover the next hot up-and-coming artist, explore handcrafted playlists recommended from music experts, and now find the perfect playlist for any mood, with TIDAL categories like Rising and Moods now built right into the BluOS app.

In the 2.12 update, you can now also import and share your iTunes playlists for direct access from within the BluOS app.

We’re very excited to be rolling out this new update and redefining the way users experience their music using BluOS. When updating to this new version, users will experience a richer app interface with deeper music management and all the other great new features that our users have been requesting.

One thing is for sure, Lenbrook and the Bluesound development team listen. When StereoNET performed a product review last year on the brand-new Pulse Soundbar, we gave some feedback to the team. Within days, they’d tested our theory, made changes and rolled out a new software update, within days!

You can read that review here.

In the meantime, go forth and upgrade those players.

For more information visit the Bluesound brand page.

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