Posted on 21st September, 2018


IsoTek is conducting two great events this coming week in NSW and WA to show firsthand why it believes that mains power determines the sound you’ll get from any hi-fi system.

The amount of noise that gets into our gear has to be isolated and revealed to be believed.

So we borrowed an IsoTek Mains Power Noise Analyser, which is a small black box that plugs into a mains power outlet to hear for ourselves the amount of garbage travelling into our hi-fi system from the mains power grid.

Within seconds, the analyser measured and amplified the music destroying noise present in our gear. The results were so bad, it was unnerving.

IsoTek Mains Noise Analyser

To learn more about the deleterious effect of mains and airborne noise on your system, IsoTek is holding seminars and demonstrations at three leading Hi-Fi specialist stores this month.

These nights are an ideal opportunity to get expert knowledge on how to combat noise from the experts from Krispy Audio and West Coast Hi-Fi (Midland).

These two Hi-Fi retailers stock a complete range of IsoTek cables and power conditioners and moreover have a lifetime of experience with quality audio equipment.

Also attending the evenings is IsoTek’s International Product Manager, Bjorn Kort.

Kort will run these events with help from the stores' expert staff. Together they’ll explain the theory of why eliminating noise matters, and more importantly, will demonstrate the beneficial effects of decent power cables and conditioners.

Make haste because these evenings provide a rare opportunity to explore ways to clean out the polluting garbage that’s in your Hi-Fi gear.

The event dates:

  • 24th September - 6.30pm at Krispy Audio, 19-23 Turner Road, Berowra Heights NSW
  • 27th September - 5:00pm at West Coast Hi-Fi Midland, 16/4 Clayton Street, Midland WA.

As a common courtesy, drop either of the stores an email or a quick phone call to let them know you're coming.

For more information visit IsoTek.


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