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Panasonic PT-AR100

Panasonic PT-AR100E

The Panasonic AR100E is a worthy replacement for the popular AX series.

Panasonic AE7000

Panasonic PT-AE7000E

Panasonic is targeting the AE7000E squarely at the home theatre connoisseur with dedicated environments who wants 3D and fine imagery.

Mitsubishi HC9000D

Mitsubishi HC9000D

I was asked to review the recently released Mitsubishi HC9000D 2D/3D home theatre projector where they have adopted Sony’s new SXRD panels into the design, capable of 3D and promising to be very capable projector, I of course said yes please.

Indigo projection screen

Indigo Nova projection screen

A screen is almost an afterthought by many, just “use the wall” is something commonly heard, but the performance difference with a good screen is well worth the money.


Panasonic PT-AE4000E

Thirty minutes later and the wife mutters, “This is just unreasonably good”


InFocus X10

I loved everything about the picture it produced.


Optoma HD80

It certainly sets a new benchmark for projectors in this price range.


Cineversum Blackwing Two

The Blackwing Two is a projector that sets the standard higher and setting a new benchmark for Home Cinema projection.


Optoma HD73

The performance of this projector was very pleasing indeed. An excellent projector, highly recommended.

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