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Antipodes Audio wins magazine award for show

Enjoy The Music magazineawardezd the room featuring New Zealand’s Antipodes Audio at RMAF 2015 “Best Sound In Home Audio“. “This year many exhibitors pulled out the stops, but one team above all other really outdid themselves. This year, the combination...

Wand 10.3

The Wand 10.3in Tonearm

The Wand 10.3in tonearm has been explicitly designed to be the longest arm that you can fit on a Linn Sondek LP12 or Technics SL1200 family turntables.


Pure Audio Duo Power Amplifier

Following the success of our Reference Mono Class A Power Amplifier we wanted to offer another power amplifier targeting slightly different needs. With our Duo Power Amplifier we offer more Class A capability than the Reference Mono with added headroom for difficult loads.

Image Revelation2

Image Revelation2

Here, however, I am dealing with the next generation in that series, the Revelation2 (nospaceiscooler). These are the top of the Image range, beautifully finished and superbly appointed.

The Wand and Denon DL103

The Wand Tonearm

Leave preconceptions at the door when you meet The Wand tonearm, a locally built, carbon fibre unipivot tonearm.

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