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New GoldenEar Triton Five Tower

GoldenEar’s Triton Towers have set new standards for high-end performance and value, winning innumerable major awards all around the world. The Triton One, Two and Three, all incorporate built-in powered subwoofers. The Seven was the first Triton Tower without a...

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Cambridge Air V2 – wireless music systems upgrade

London based sound experts Cambridge Audio are launching the second generation of their hugely successful and highly acclaimed Minx Air wireless speakers. The Air 100 V2 and Air 200 V2 offer an improved, more rhythmic and musical sound, plus the...


Cambridge Audio Aero 2

A great budget speaker deserves to be shouted about from the rooftops. Let’s all shout about the Cambridge Aero 2.

Image Revelation2

Image Revelation2

Here, however, I am dealing with the next generation in that series, the Revelation2 (nospaceiscooler). These are the top of the Image range, beautifully finished and superbly appointed.

Mission 792SE

Mission 792SE

These aren’t speakers. They are beautiful pieces of furniture that make music.

Soundlab electrostatics

The beauty and pain of the electrostatic loudspeaker

Has there been another piece of hi-fi equipment to elicit such an emotive response as the electrostatic loudspeaker? From the early Quad ESL57 to the latest Martin Logan, the electrostatic has long been an object of desire in the eyes of many audiophiles.

Magneplanar MG1.7

Magneplanar MG1.7

If you are shopping in this sector of the market and have a suitable room/system, then this speaker is a must-listen. You will be amazed.

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