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Cambridge CXU Universal Blu-Ray player review

With non-physical consumption of music and movies firmly established, and the imminent appearance of Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, does it make sense to release an expensive new disc player in 2015? Cambridge Audio certainly thinks so. A modern disc player...

Cambridge Audio 752BD

Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD

The new 752BD is Cambridge Audio’s latest version of their universal disc player, one box to take on all manner of physical disc and increasingly popular digital media.

Oppo BDP-105 front

Oppo BDP-105

The BDP-105 is OPPO’s new flagship Blu-ray player that promises to marry superb disc playback with unmatched versatility in one unit.

Panasonic PT-AR100

Panasonic PT-AR100E

The Panasonic AR100E is a worthy replacement for the popular AX series.

Panasonic AE7000

Panasonic PT-AE7000E

Panasonic is targeting the AE7000E squarely at the home theatre connoisseur with dedicated environments who wants 3D and fine imagery.

Oppo BDP-95

Oppo BDP-95AU

For many years now Oppo has been the champion of the affordable universal disc player. Despite a good reputation and (perhaps because of its) fawning audience, it has remained a niche player, primarily represented by online resellers.

Mitsubishi HC9000D

Mitsubishi HC9000D

I was asked to review the recently released Mitsubishi HC9000D 2D/3D home theatre projector where they have adopted Sony’s new SXRD panels into the design, capable of 3D and promising to be very capable projector, I of course said yes please.

Indigo projection screen

Indigo Nova projection screen

A screen is almost an afterthought by many, just “use the wall” is something commonly heard, but the performance difference with a good screen is well worth the money.

Cambridge 650BD

Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD

The 650BD is Cambridge Audio’s latest take on the universal disc player, a breed of player that Cambridge have had great success with.


Panasonic PT-AE4000E

Thirty minutes later and the wife mutters, “This is just unreasonably good”

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