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Cambridge CXU Universal Blu-Ray player review

With non-physical consumption of music and movies firmly established, and the imminent appearance of Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, does it make sense to release an expensive new disc player in 2015? Cambridge Audio certainly thinks so. A modern disc player...

Cambridge Audio 752BD

Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD

The new 752BD is Cambridge Audio’s latest version of their universal disc player, one box to take on all manner of physical disc and increasingly popular digital media.

Oppo BDP-105 front

Oppo BDP-105

The BDP-105 is OPPO’s new flagship Blu-ray player that promises to marry superb disc playback with unmatched versatility in one unit.

Oppo BDP-95

Oppo BDP-95AU

For many years now Oppo has been the champion of the affordable universal disc player. Despite a good reputation and (perhaps because of its) fawning audience, it has remained a niche player, primarily represented by online resellers.


Oppo BDP-83

If you want a Swiss Army Knife one-box solution, the OPPO’s combination of features, performance, build quality, ease of use and reasonable price puts it in a class of one.


Cambridge Audio 540D v2 and 640R

Not only do the components look a million bucks, but both sonically and visually this combo is the match of anything I’ve seen under $3K.


NAD T585

The NAD T585 proved to be something of a mixed bag.


Arcam DV137

My long-suffering girlfriend has been dropping hints that for $5K I could get her a damn good engagement ring, but I think I need to buy this instead.

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