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Philips CD650

I have to say that the new Philips CD players – the CD 650, that I have been auditioning over the past few weeks has not only some of the best specifications I have seen, but it has superb sound quality as well.


Lambert Audio SP255

Lambert Audio Products are New Zealand’s only serious domestic loudspeaker manufacturer. The 255 is the replacement for the well received 250 model.


Mission Cyrus 2

The Cyrus 2 has gained a very big reputation for sound quality, so the audition was much anticipated.


Interview: Wharfedale’s Graham McGee

Recently Graham McGee, Wharfedale’s Sales Manager from England, was in New Zealand for a promotional visit to introduce the new 5-series range of Wharfedale loudspeakers.

Sony CDP-502ES

Sony CDP-502ESII

Anyone after one of the more upmarket Compact Disc players should not overlook the Sony 50211. Although costing a great deal more at $1995 than the cheapest CD players, the extra is well worth it if you want the best.


Profile: McLaren Audio

“Meanwhile, back in the real world”. I can’t remember where I first saw this saying in relation to audio, but it does seem an apt description of McLaren Audio.


Rock gold on CD

One of the best aspects of CD is how some record companies have gone through their back catalogues and released albums of some of the best rock ‘n’ roll ever produced.

Ortofon MC20 Super

Ortofon MC20 Super

In these days of Compact Disc, why should anyone become excited over a phono cartridge? Well, I don’t know about you, but I intend to keep my records (and the equipment to play them on) for a good few years yet. There is just so much good music available on LP that it seems foolish to give it all away.

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