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The Aura Turntable

David Leo (Dave) Whittaker started building his Aura Turntable in Auckland, New Zealand in 1984. He wanted to successfully build an audiophile quality record player and, being an avid experimenter, he wanted it to be versatile, easy to use and...

Krell S-300i

Krell S-300i and S-350a

For Krell fans the good news is the first real New Zealand distributor for Krell and the launch of the latest entry level components; the S-300i integrated amplifier and the S-350a CD player.

Sony Walkman

Portable Audio – A Journey

That’s right, a portable tape player. A device that chewed through batteries almost faster than you could replace them.

Mitsubishi HC9000D

Mitsubishi HC9000D

I was asked to review the recently released Mitsubishi HC9000D 2D/3D home theatre projector where they have adopted Sony’s new SXRD panels into the design, capable of 3D and promising to be very capable projector, I of course said yes please.

25: Max looks back

25: Max looks back

It’s been a long time between AudioEnz columns. But I couldn’t let the 25th anniversary pass without one more contribution.

25: Industry comments

25: Industry comments

When approaching the 25th anniversary of AudioEnz I realised that there were only a few still in the industry today that were there when AudioEnz started way back in 1986. I asked these people if they could write a few paragraphs on the changes they’ve seen in the industry overall


Hanoi Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam… Capital city of communist North Vietnam and now capital of modern Vietnam. One of the fastest growing cities in the world they say, so why didn’t I expect to find high-end hifi in Hanoi?

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