Author: Michael Jones

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Roon Labs Launches Roon Ready Hardware Program

The Roon Ready hardware program puts Roon technology into network audio players from partner companies. It enables easy to use, reliable networked audio systems that meet the needs of performance audio enthusiasts. ÔÇťAudio enthusiasts have been forced to choose between...


Flattery and imitation

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As many readers will know, from 1987 through to 1996, this magazine was called AudioVideo. A pretty generic name, yes, which is why I much prefer the New Zealand-centric AudioEnz....

25: Industry comments

25: Industry comments

When approaching the 25th anniversary of AudioEnz I realised that there were only a few still in the industry today that were there when AudioEnz started way back in 1986. I asked these people if they could write a few paragraphs on the changes they’ve seen in the industry overall

Tivoli Model One

Tivoli Model One

He wanted something that looked like, operated like and sounded like the radios he grew up with. That day was my introduction to Tivoli radios.

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